Gravity is something I don't fight
superhuman efforts also at night
you say every morning that I don't mind
but it's true there is something I just can't fight.
Pay the bill, raise the will, 
all this stuff is really that important when you can dream?
Learn a joke, buy the iPhone, be connected to 
too many people that you don't know.
Farewell, farewell planet earth.
Farewell, farewell I don't wanna grow.
Magnetism is something I don't resist to
when there's something too strong I just relax.
Sacrilege, sacrifice everyone's fighting an hard life.
I left the church, left the rage, I made a special space
for what's important,  for example my time.
Move in on, come with us, the golden lazy people army,
is gonna save the world.

The old road
They wanted to travel all around the world
but now they know it's bigger than what they thought
for years they've been looking for a piece of gold
and all the books they had now slowly turn to blood.
Now they grew up and saw a part of that world
passed through shiny days and some cloudy storms
some of their friends let them down without a farewell
leaving the first bad taste inside of their souls.
Now I can travel alone cause by now I know 
that everything around tells me that I am my world
my life's the longest road that I've ever walked
there's no need for a light house to go towards the coast.
Coffee or tea is the same for me 
cause I just came without any needs.
Look outside the porch have you ever seen the world ?

Airport people are walking  
my face in a million of faces
my words down in my belly they're 
flowing with my blood.
The sun is setting an orange light 
on they'retheir heads she dances with 
the co-pilot everything anything looks like a dance.
People they won't change the world
untill they think the world is just a perfect stone
I'm not sorry for the fools who run away
because of the life inside their veins.
Waiting, silent, firm like a panel 
under an hot sun.
Books my companion I could visit the world 
without speaking a word
bonfires dancing with tinkers 
drinking not to forget anything.
Vacation is just a moment that last 
the time we need to shake the dust.
The death teaches us 
what's worth to be brought with us
and it's nothing you'd put in your luggage.
This airport is no place 
I've got nothing to do but a walk
I've got a phone call to do yet 
but it's six o'clock at home.

Don’t tell anybody
Step by step I follow my special path
I Feel electricity in the air
Everything is chapping in a chaos
And friends become cockoo clocks
The medicine man told to walk at night
While people sleep and bakeries are warm
The man who cleans the road looked at me
He tells me he’s satisfied
Please don’t tell anybody she’s the one 
who gives the love I understand
‘cause only when you hug a ckorn field,
you can get a piece of what I mean
We got drunk of water to see 
if there was anybody around to meet
Sniff the air with me, you can hug anybody you need
The nightdress I’m wearing is not bad
When I meet a cat burglar
He visited my neighbour Jack
But he took only mint bon bon
In the main square I meet a gambler
His face a mess of blood but he laughs
He trusted in good luck in the Casino
Well now he knows that fortune is just blind
Three o’clock when I meet a sailor
He lost his vessel in the big storm
He said you shouldn’t worry about a boat
When you can’t even keep your love.

Atahualpa was thinking 
about his dreams all alone
but anything he was feeling 
brought to the girl that was gone.
Every time an emperor 
feels a personal fire he returns a man.
King Solomon had thousand wives 
but not a single friend to watch the tide with.
for every piece of gold that brights there is 
something you loose in your mind.
So apathy just goes with them 
that loose the will to play with death.
Every time an emperor  
thinks he can stand quiet  he returns a man.
Napoleon was such a man 
with a strong reflection of himself
he had the glory he had the chance 
to write history with his right hand
but every glory comes to an end 
when there's something related to the man.
Every time an emperor thinks 
he owns his power he returns a man.
John Kennedy thought he could change 
a complex system with precise aims
The system started to tremble 
it was afraid to stumble
so it blown John's head off to remain the same.
Every time an emperor 
tries to be a man he returns a man.

Thermonuclear energy, bible and Koran, 
passengers in theise centuries, 
marzipan people, mathematical numbers, 
collapsing stars,we’re cell phones by now, 
with special tariffs on words.
And it’s getting hard to distinguish 
what’s good from what’s bad
and one god is better than the others
If only it was just a top ten...
of people’s creeds
in a shiny river I believe, 
on the people’s creed there’s a lapse
there’s no need to pray a landlord.
NATO plays with the whole world
under blue helmets multinational slaves
only need clapping hands to do a war against people
who prepare themselves to the bombing 
like we do for a storm.
A war on terror is a golden jail, 
while patrol cars are on the way,
you should pay heed to...
Men've got to walk on their feet, 
they’ve got to see what can be seen
and not to be addicted to the pollution of advertisement
you’ve got to switch’ve got to switch off tv
smiles are just behind the walls, 
share your life you’re not a stone
in a necropolis just watch the sun.

The tide was coming in
But my companions were only good for
Drinking, drinking, drinking, being sand.
Red light on your shoulders
And closed eyes against the wind
We said it’s perfect, but I was thinking
About drinking, drinking, drinking, being sand.
In the perfection of the landscape
I thought that drinking was much better
Than kissing, kissing, kissing being sand.
When the moon was upon the ocean
and all the others fell asleep
we remained talking all over the night
and I still have my memory.

Dear Marie
Dear Marie,
did you climb the tree,?
did you see the monkey smile for free?
You held your breathe
but it's over now
now you're real 
and there's a lot to do my dear...
Let your fogs
in the giant plain
open wide, you're a blossom of the time
Forget the roses
you'd better use your nose
now it's time to face this incredible lie
Leave the cage,
you're only a lizard that loses her tail

Welcome To The Gold
Once upon a time there was a lady
Wasting too much time thinking about another world
Watching too much coloured adverstisments
Thinking she was wasting time, waiting to become a wife.
She has figured her life in a metropoli
Working seven hours on a clean white pc
Cinderella burns dreaming to be released on parole
But in the jail she’s not alone, 
Mami Watta sleeps on the floor
Her folks payed the aribus ticket
For one of the europe starways
Once crossed mediterraneo’s deep water
She joined Europe model trying to give a sense to life
She tried to calculate all the variables
But her pretty black face played a nasty trick
Cinderella burns dreaming to be released on parole
But in the jail she’s not alone, 
Mami Watta sleeps on the floor
Spent all the money for a single room
She cried untill the second day
Then the call to the man who knows how it works
He finds a role for every desperate. 
The costumers they were all happy
For the new exothic chick, greeting from the dick.
Used to work at the gasoline station
But the night was too cold, the costumers were old
So one day the mercedes benz 
had inside two police men
They brought the girl to the police station
The card was falsified, 
she couldn’t have back her life
Welcome to the gold
Welcome to the cold....

Blame the time
She said "have a safe trip" 
put one last kiss on  my cheek
before giving for gone 
that we lost the chance to stay alone
that day I didn't miss my train 
a pigeon was flying in flames
confused those falling dry leaves 
with a symphony of love's disease.
And it's something that I can't tell 
her presence was something 
that made me feel well.
After all this years do you still  
you confuse simple love with sin?
I know we've changed so many skins 
but still I wonder  if your eyes were truly green.
I've heard now you see a man 
I hope he gave you the home that you deserve,
it was something I couldn't do by myself
I was staring the skyline 
you were chasing a place to land.
it's something about her tattoo 
it didn't need too much hullabaloo.
There is nothing that we can do 
because what happened was the truth 
you didn't say farewell 
but I could catch it in your glance
so let me do the same 
we can cook your taste for shame
it's something we can shake 
with your smile and an apple cake.
Tt's something about her tattoo, 
it didn't need too much hullabaloo.

Hobos horde
Don't ever think you're the greatest
and don't always find a sense 
in what you want to explain.
Don't be the bullet that causes a war,
you're just a human being absolutely not perfect.
My hobos horde, wait for my hobos horde
let's fight with my hobos horde.
Don't be a number in a multinational,
don't be arrogant and don't be mute
we're all life's professionals, stop being shy.
My hobos horde, wait for my hobos horde.
Don't try to be interesting, 
for once just look like yourself.
Don't confuse your friends with yourself
we leave footsteps in the sand
but only some recognize that's only the past.
My hobos horde, wait for my hobos horde.
Let's fight with my hobos horde.
Don't be afraid, you're not a man
you're a giant with giant hands.
Some face giant waves 
and some swims in frozen lakes.
Don't be a storm rather be a shelter.
My hobos horde, wait for my hobos horde
gotta go with my hobos horde.

May beetles
May beetles  are knocking on my windows
asking for their  debatable nirvana’s light
placed on my bedside table.
Alarm made time run while they die against my window.
A minute older we don’t even notice the difference,
our spare time is something I...which is better avoiding
when the curtains of our day off start dissipating.        
And if in someday you see me distant
don’t tell me I am distracted
‘cause it’s my way to dodge the doctrine
of who made things so compulsory.
We revive our bones each morning
without owning time and freedom.
When the perfect is wrong you cannot notice it.
What were you expecting? Your generation gets old too.

Little pair of gloves       
You say it's just a question of time
if your hands are cold there's no reason to be shy
do you remember the 5th Ave
there was a singing trump and the cold in the shade
I bought for you a cheap pair of woolen gloves 
with a fantasy of little aeroplanes fantasy 
but your hands are still cold and it doesn't matter 
you have your little pair of gloves.
You wanted to stick to your words
but we can't control every grain of the shore
the clash of your dream sounds too loud
that's why your blood my dear runs, so, so cold
you played every different role
but there's nothing to do when you don't have a goal
so your hands are still cold and it doesn't matter 
you have your little pair of gloves
sittin' on a bench in NY 
you said you like bitter taste, 
because the sweet is only a waste
Tuesday was gone and we were afraid 
to face some other day
without colors to fill the grey
your sweet surrender is not fair 
until there's something in your hair that seems to complain.

Lord Byron Bay
Ten years ago from today we were diving in the Lord Byron Bay, nobody cared about what people had to say, about those white kids, screaming out their age, we used to go there for our swimming day, for me it was the excuse to be with her
It was you our youth
In the blue of those orange summer days
Our story turned to clay and there's no compromise to bring us back to the bay, all the gentle words are the bricks of our golden wall and in this evening of June leaves clap the wind while daisies bloom, I need to talk to you but it's so late, ain't got a single word that is worth to share
It was you our youth in the blue of those orange summer days.

Apres Ski
Mountain is getting crowded today shadows tend to change white to grey thirty crows twist around while little ants are painting the ground
This is all we have yet please let the peaks out of your net snow is melting from balconies we sell the valley for cookies
The giant whale has chosen her game from Moscow to eat micro forms of shame we were better friends with axes and swords now we say thanks and that's the word
this is all we have yet please let identity out of your net snow is melting from your skis to make a mess on the floor of après skis
I find a place it's full of grace the waitress sells beer with a smiling face I tell a friend and leave the tip the place turns into a fancy touristic ship
this is all we have yet please let the smiles out of your net snow is melting in the streets the valley has been taken by the jeeps.

In the deep
Thousands people in the ocean 
fancy bikini on the reef 
cream and sunglasses are the new doctrine
she stands in silence in the deep
Thousands of cars heading to the beach the idea that counts is on the street too many voices to hear the wind my love is swimming in the deep
So inside of my day only words and some cloud shape
Chinese mama sells cold tea I see her eyes she can't see me she graduated in medicine didn't find a job with her degree
As the sun goes down people leave the stories are left in the beach from my position I can't see in the deep my love comes out with no need
So inside of our days only words and some cloud shape

Iquito (shah mat)
he was sitting at a table in Iquito
squashing mosquitos in the forest              warmth
he had a painful story for the candles glory 
when he was a kid he was the big cheat
The man had a story with a hotel's girl 
looking for glory and a bag of gold 
it was a hell of a day in the Belgian hotel a telephone call, rush ring the bell it was a hell of a day… 
The Belgian hotel was a firebrand 
Susana the girl had an old boyfriend feel the pain of the change 
wounds of love cannot be repaired
the man was waiting for a game of chess 
sixty years is a big regret 
he lost the girl, lost the hotel now 
chessboard is the safest place 
it was a hell of a day…

In the middle
I don't need more time 
to replace your face with mine
sky reflects what you used to feel when all was lie.
A perfect fancy car is what you need to decide.
Now driving through your fogs
is the best that you can try in your life.
Buy your next tattoo
your Chinese name in "blue"
your bandog to face 
what people have to say
see the way your path
bends to yourself,
see the way ravens play
They play an endless game.
Within yourself.
I got the meaning of your words
but the best is yet to come
get on my flying balloon
in the end you get a lift for free
you smoking hot crazy soul
I had to pay for every tear of blood
She likes to be the one 
who's always having fun
but her eyes tell the truth
she's a tide inside a cube
anaesthetic sleeping dope
dissipates the dream
but the stones in your eyes
are your way to disappear
from the time.

Midnight girl 
We talked until midnight
we couldn't stop, the words fell
your face reminded me a friend
that I've lost long time ago
I wish you have clarified
the reasons that made her escape.
I wish you could forgive me 
for the bitter words that I told her.
You couldn't tell me anything 
‘cause you're not the one
that came from Iceland.
You could not forgive me anything
you're not the one who hates to bend.
While fishes in the aquarium 
were trying to solve the glass mess
our wine stopped sparkling
and a thunder murmured something to the sky.
You spoke of thirteen silver dust photographs
of your travels 
but I knew you could not be the one
who loses her eyes in dark storms.
You couldn't tell me anything in the end
you're not the one, the one that came from Iceland.
You could not forgive me anything,
you're not the one who hates to bend.
We lived to grow
to take a bit  
and give more.
Our weekly poison couldn't kill us
we were lightnings in the storm.
You had no reason to increase
my appetite for you
’Cause I used to keep you on a silver tray
among apples and banana cakes.

Get used
The happiest man is the one who can 
do the things he doesn’t like smiling at himself
If you get used to running you’ll always run 
Take a look at yourself before running
You try to simulate what people call faith 
Just be the good girl and forget what is fake
If you get used to faking you’ll always fake
Take a look at yourself before faking
Staring at the television
Don’t think don’t talk a new star is born
If you get used to sleeping you’ll always sleep
Take a look at yourself before watching TV
We collect the crumbs of politicians
Gild the bitter pill, the mass is fool
If you get used to being poor, you’ll be poor
Take a look at yourself before keeping silent
People in vacation searching for temptation
It’s time to play your bell, be the king of yourself
If you get used to temptation, you’re yourself
Take a look at yourself before saying no
Life is life and the body is the tool and its only need 
is the life as food you should get used to living...
Take a look at yourself before waking up
Look around circus is living 
You’re already the clown of your town
If you get used to make people laugh, you’ll make laugh
Take a look at yourself when you make laugh
Look around, you’re on your own, you’ll build your island 
on your crown If you get used to being alone, you’ll stay alone 
Take a look at yourself, go out from home.

Approximate anthem
Hey man lie is visible on your face 
and you couldn't even wear a mask
to hide your eyes
Oxygen, this man needs oxygen in his blood
to make a reasoning concerning 
his acting in the world
Hey girl you know what? 
I have no jewels for you
no shotgun to shoot down politicians
We're just ravens on the high voltage cable
singing an approximate anthem.
Hey road, you know I could go all over you
just wearing out my shoes and my youth.
Hey time, 
indeed you're an excellent golden cigarette
an in the end the only one that tells the truth
Hey famous superstar, 
look I know you can't be true
'cause everything in the end has got a bit of blue
We're just ravens on the high voltage cable
singing an approximate anthem
Hey babe, cry out all you tears
'cause in your belly they won't disappear
A golden chair, 
we just need some good golden chairs 
to formulate a new kind of heaven stair
And be excellent, 
a man can choose to be either excellent 
or a simple pawn in the big metropolis.
We're just ravens on the high voltage cable
singing an approximate anthem.

I think the wind is too strong, William.
I think the wind is too strong
William by now you must know 
that for every joy from the world you must give
Reeds in the lagoon play a note 
is this the music that you thought to know? 
Rise your hands, let your body flow
Wake up now, share your soul, 
give your eyes to the unknown, 
nothing that stands inside of you 
can make wind blow
Hoopoe is singing from the oak 
some say her voice is the one that calls the war 
but you, my friend, you should know what she calls
Nature is where you belong, 
please don't forget it, don't forget it, when you grow move your feet, keep you mind in peace.
Wake up now, share your soul 
give your eyes to the unknown
nothing that stands inside of you 
can make wind blow